The Great African Trek was a decision born out of the small towns in Mexico. Here we were discussing the future of our trip over a tequila as we headed north into the winters above us, attempting to complete our travels from Argentina to Alaska as the Great American Trek.

It was decided that we would not be able to reach the northern-most tip of Alaska, due to the extreme winter weather and cold. Africa was brought up as an affordable alternative, and as South Africans we had not explored enough of our own continent. There is also more opportunity for us to visit MSF sites in Africa and we are familiar with the local healthcare systems.

Therefore we will be flying the bikes from Texas in the USA to Ethiopia, from where we will head north to ride the historic church route of the Ethiopian highlands. Our trip will then turn Southwards as we travel through Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and last but not least, home in South Africa.

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We are extremely excited for the new development and cannot wait to hear the many sounds of the African Bush. We will keep you up to date here and on our Facebook page at the Great World Trek – follow us as we head home and look for the familiar things we have missed on the last 18 months abroad.

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